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Dirty Thirty



As a kid, every birthday is a monumental occasion.  Rollerskating parties, water park parties, cake, presents, balloons, and everything else that goes with kid parties.  The whole thing feels like a special holiday in which everyone you know celebrates the fact you were born and they’ve had the pleasure to meet you.  As you get older, it seems as though the glitz and glamour wears off and it can even feel painful to turn another year older.  Adults even lie about their age to be younger.  For me, turning 24 was one of the most fun nights of my life.  Since then I have just continued to tell every one I am 24 as I hold up the fingers in between to add up to my actual age.  From my teen years to now, it seems like so much is always going on that birthdays don’t feel as special anymore.  You have prom, sports, learning to drive, graduations, engagements, weddings etc.  There’s no time to make birthdays feel special because there are so many other special things happening!  Your 20’s are such a whirlwind!  The last monumental birthday was turning 21 because drinking is finally legal.  That just opens the door for years of forgotten birthdays due to alcohol consumption.  

Last week my husband made his 30th journey around the sun.  Since I am only 24 (as I hold up 4 fingers), it made me realize that my 20’s are almost over!  I am married to a 30 year old!  This seemed like a good time as any to have a monumental birthday like when we were kids.  The trend I am seeing when it comes to turning 30, is to have a Dirty 30 party, especially for men.  The interpretation of Dirty is very subjective.  I have been to a “Dirty Thirty Stache Bash” where men were asked to grow out their facial hair and the dirtiest stache won.  Dirty thirty for single men might mean strippers or whatever other dirty things single men do.  There are endless possibilities for a dirty thirty theme!

While brainstorming thoughts for my husband’s party I thought about revisiting the stache bash, something with woodworking (my husband’s a woodworker), but living in the bay area, one idea just kept coming back to me… hobo, transient, homeless.  If you’ve ever been to the bay area, you understand.  The theme for my husband’s party would be a Dirty Thirty Hobo Bash!

The party turned out great!  Complete with a hobo camp photo booth, 40oz beers in paper bags, canned food cooked over a fire, and witty panhandling signs.  Guests left with red bandanas folded up with trail mix and bellies full of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Getting older doesn’t mean we have to be boring and throwing this super fun themed party reminded me of that.  We had a blast and all got really into the theme dressing up and taking silly photos.  I hope that my husband felt like his birthday was monumental again!  When I finally turn 30, or 24 with six fingers held up, I will go with a different theme… I’m thinking of taking a tip from my favorite movie and being Thirty, Flirty, and Striving!  Maybe I will have so much fun, that I will even admit to being my actual age!  


One Year Anniversary/Reception Party

Today is our one year anniversary!!  Like I mentioned in the photo booth entry below, Andrew and I did not have a wedding where we invited guests.  We eloped on the beach with our photographer and officiant one year ago today.  In order to celebrate with our family and friends we had a party last weekend with some of the traditions one would have at a wedding.  We cut a heart shaped cheesecake, had our first dances, and heard some warm speeches.  All in all, our party and our wedding were absolutely perfect!