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The Story of Us

Andrew and I met in 2005 on a blind date.  It was my best friend’s birthday and she wanted me to tag a long with she and her boyfriend.  So I wouldn’t be the third wheel, they brought a long Andrew.  That night he told me my eyes made him melt and after spending every weekend together for 3 months after that night we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend.

We share a love for travel, gardening, being outdoors, cooking, culture, and meeting new people.  Over the years we have gone on many adventures together but one of our most memorable trips would have to be when we spent a week in San Francisco for our anniversary.  After renting bicycles and riding over the Golden Gate bridge, Andrew stopped halfway across and proposed to me.

I married my best friend on October 2, 2010 in a ceremony with one photographer and one officiant in gorgeous Montana De Oro, California.  Of course, we missed having our moment with family and friends so much, that we had a post reception in Elderwood, California on a gorgeous ranch in the Sierra-Nevada foothills.

Since that beautiful misty day, we have made our home in Santa Rosa, California in the heart of Sonoma County.  When I am not counseling young minds and writing education plans, and Andrew is done making beautiful works of art out of reclaimed wood, we canoe, hike, garden, paint, and continue exploring what Northern California has to offer.

Our passion for life is evident in the carefree lifestyle we live.  This blog is devoted to sharing our experiences with others and being able to document our silly everyday romance.

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