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Summer Gardening Coming to an End

Our garden has blessed Andrew & I with a ton of veggies!  At times, we had so many that we were giving our neighbors bi weekly deliveries.  Now that summer is officially over we have decided to start getting ready for winter gardening.  We went out to assess our plants and tear out any barren ones but our garden is not ready to be replaced yet!  I must admit, the last week we have slightly neglected our garden and couldn’t believe how much it is still producing!!!  We started our winter seeds and should have a greenhouse built by the time they are ready to go in to the ground!

My partner in crime (&gardening)

Finally broccoli is growing!

Cherry Tomatoes

Habanero Peppers

Jalapeno Cherry Tomato Hybrid?

Jalapeno Peppers

More Cherry Tomatoes

Japanese Eggplant

Our little friend Pierre

Butternut Squash

Grape Vine

Yellow Squash


Our Abundance of Veggies

Our friendly neighbor gave us the gift of Strawberries from his family’s garden

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