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Cake Pop A Holic

Warning:  Cake pops are around 180 calories each and extremely addicting.  They are like potato chips where you can never just have one but like alcohol where if you have to much you will feel sick.  Never offer cake pops to a cake pop – a – holic and if someone you know needs help I’m sure cake pops anonymous will be starting in your area soon.  You can thank Starbucks, they are like Mc Donald’s gorgeous but evil little sister.

With that said… hello!  My name is Angela and I am a cake pop a holic.  My latest relapse has been the discovery that I can make my very own cake pops at home!  My very own Cake Pop “Lab” if you will.  I was tipped off to an amazing recipe book (Thank you Jamie) and also to a cake pop maker (Thank you Yvonne).  Unfortunately, JC Pennys has completely sold out of their cake pop makers, I even checked their website, so for my very first dabble in cake pop making I had to do it the old fashioned way.  Thankfully I had my good friend Lynsi to supervise because she had some observation experience from watching her mother make them.

To begin I went to Michael’s and bought a ton of crap I didn’t need.  Actually $65 bucks worth of crap I didn’t need.  I followed the recipe and it called for quite an elaborate array of decor.  I ended up taking back $45 bucks of stuff because I realized that for my first experience I did not need to be so fancy.  Also, I will add that I go all out and sometimes get carried away hence dropping money that I don’t have on dessert that that take one bite to eat,  so for my first time making cake pops I’ve decided to make … PIRATE POPS!

I must say that for my first time, I did’t do to shabby, I also definitely need to work on my ball forming and dipping.  As you will notice I did not have white candy things, m&ms, or little hearts for the ties (those are things I took back because they were expensive!) but they came out okay!  I’m sure as each holiday passes and I make more I will get better!  Enjoy!

Day One: Make Cake Balls

Day Two: Dipping Balls in Candy Coating

The extra coating made candy covered peanuts

Day Three:  Making the Bandanas and Faces

My pirates are a little lumpy and their patches are a little droopy but that gives them character!  I also added some facial hair or sideburns to some to give them that Johnny Depp look!

One response

  1. Karen Gray-Leach

    So cute, Angie! I was addicted to the cake pops for about 2 weeks because they are delicious. Then when I really focused on how many calories they are…well, I now avoid them. I thought it would be fun, too, to make different flavors—lemon drops, orange cream, strawberry cheesecake, pumpkin, etc. I think you could do great things with them!

    June 11, 2011 at 9:56 pm

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