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Simple Joys

Checking the mail is one of my favorite daily tasks.  Most of the time I throw away or shred 90% of it instantly because it is crap.  Every once in a while though, I am pleasantly surprised by something I get in the mail.  Yesterday was one of those joyous mail occasions.

While sorting through my mail I came across a beautiful white envelope with blue writing.  I immediately opened it and was so happy to receive my first birthday greeting:

My favorite store sent me this cute little card!  Anthropologie just cares about me so much… they always give me a reason to come visit!  Last year they sent me a birthday candle necklace and the year before that a cute little pouch with extra buttons and thread.  Maybe next year they will send me a thousand dollar shopping spree (I could actually buy like 10 things!), a girl can dream can’t she?  15% off is better than nothing, just blind fold me until we get to the sale section please!

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