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Cake Pop Madness!

If you know me or even have just met me since I’ve discovered Starbucks cake pops then you know I am completely obsessed with them.  These little desserts have 180 calories for about 3 bites of absolute perfection in your mouth.  Yes that IS what she said.

If you have tasted a cake pop then it should come as no shock that I decided to take my two favorite cakes pops and do a photo shoot!  (This is also a result of my schedule change at work which allowed me to only work 2.75 hours and be completely bored today).

Chances are in the past few weeks I have either talked to you about cake pops or have even bought you a cake pop.  This is because I think about cake pops like a teenage boy thinks about boobs.  All the Time!  If you are one of the lucky ones I have a bought a cake pop for, I have a confession.  If I drive through the Starbucks drive through and buy a single cake pop I look like a fatty, BUT if I drive through and buy a bunch of cake pops then it looks like I am buying them for a meeting or something.  This allows me to eat one or two cake pops without feeling totally guilty and then I spread the joy of cake pops on to others and in turn they shall hopefully surprise ME with cake pops in the future.  (hint hint.)

If you have never heard of cake pops, then grab a tissue, at the end of this post you may be salivating!

Two little cake pops sitting in a bowl …

My dream… To grow my own cake pops…

Love at first bite!

2 responses

  1. Jamie

    You are so funny Angela! Great photos! I must confess, I have never tasted the Starbucks cake pops but I’m pretty sure they got their idea from this lady…


    My best friend has made them a few times for gifts (FABULOUS!) and they are super-fun to make with kids too! Enjoy!

    May 27, 2011 at 6:11 pm

    • angelasomawang

      Right after I read this comment I immediately went on to Amazon and bought the recipe book on the website! My friend also sent me a link to a cake pop appliance that bakes them in the perfect shape! I might just gain 100 pounds this month!

      May 28, 2011 at 12:32 am

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